Logo Designing

Custom Logo Design an attribute of the faculty of Graphic Design, a difficult task but yet one of the most valuable object for every company, a symbol and Icon, which illustrate the Identification of the company and its products.

Our, H.Q. Embroidery, team of Professional Creative Designers are well educated in the artistic process of designing Custom Logo, Designs that symbolize as a trademark for an individual company/organization in promoting the instant public recognition and in portraying the company key elements to the targeted online traffic. Our team establishes the company’s philosophy with unique and sophisticated designed Custom Logos and with our teams cutting edge skills we can endorse a company offering to their clients in a contemporary approach.team of Graphic designers understand today Graphic illustration market needs and requirements and offer the Graphic Illustration services,which work with an individual company to target their desire and precise market to achieve the company goal.

We are proud on our expert creative designers who work within the integral theme of company profile, product and services. Our team is also famous for composing a perfect mixture of the uniqueness of the designs with the significance of color themes to achieve the desire goal of attracting the clientele and conveying the precise massage of the company.